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Running a law firm is no easy feat. Without a proper Law Practice Management Software (LPMS), it is easy to face backlogs from tedious administrative processes and endless paperwork. To meet your needs, we’ve listed 8 LPMS with their pros, cons, and some features. Finding the right law practice management software is no longer a pain anymore!

Read on to find the best law practice management software for your firm!

1. Tessaract

Tessaract is a business management software that powers businesses to achieve optimal workflow automation from all industries. With scalable solutions, Tessaract is able to meet the needs of all types of businesses - law firms, insurance firms, accountancy firms, consultancy firms, and even asset & fund management. The software comes equipped with powerful workflow automation, automated document generation and management, billings & accounting, and analytics.

Tessaract is also able to cater to different levels of businesses, with targeted solutions for Small, Medium, and Large businesses. We provide 2 main solutions - an all-in-one Business Management System, as well as Integrated Digital Signing. Both solutions can be used hand-in-hand to provide your clients with secure processes and digital workflows all on a single platform. 

Some features of the platform include:

  • Case Management: Easily and accurately record your billable hours, no matter where you are. With a single click, you can pull data from timesheets and generate invoices or other reports. 
  • Client Engagement: Automatically reminds clients to send documents, informs you when new information is uploaded and allows the client to communicate with your staff securely on our platform instead of by email or phone call. Your office can scale without worrying about keeping up with easily-missing emails or unreturned voicemails that come into your business number!
  • Project Management: Guides you through the standard practices of your cases and/or projects through maximising your resource utilisation, so that you can focus on what's important: making objective progress and getting them to closure. Take care of all those little tasks with a single click, and enjoy more time for yourself. Generate appropriate checklists for each case type for you, and allow you to import pre-loaded or create new ones depending on your needs even before handing it off to others at any point in the workflow.
  • Data & Legal Document Management: Generate any document fast, with document templates. Generate them one at a time or up to 100 at a time. With our built-in Optical Character Recognition technology, everything is searchable.
  • Accounting & Finance: With the integration of automated payment reminders and bill adjustment features, you can now automate much more than just invoices. With our easy-to-use time tracking system for both employees and clients alike you'll be able to seamlessly merge or split bills with ease, such as for apportionment accounting.
  • Analytics: Get comprehensive insights across all aspects of the business - human resources, finance and accounting operations to name a few! With this customisable dashboard, you will have access to real-time information that can help drive timely decision making for any aspect or function within each department.
  • Integrations: Connect with our library of 50+ tools and apps including Outlook, IRAS, Sentroweb, Lupl, superset charts, MailChimp, Hubspot and more. With a powerful developers API, you can connect us with almost anything that speaks API.

If you are keen to learn more about our efficient & affordable corporate tools and solutions and whether they are right for you, you can receive a free demo today to understand better how Tessaract works and how it can power your business

2. MyCase

MyCase is suitable for firms looking for a full-featured, affordable LPMS. It includes features such as e-signatures and a full email client. Additionally, it has a robust system which is not overly complex. With the software in place, it simplifies project management and workflows, extraction of accounting reports, and internal communication. 

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $39 - $59 USD / user / month. An add-on for Website support and maintenance is available at $100 / month.
  • Lead management: Get a 360-degree view of your law firm’s prospective client pipeline. Attorneys and staff can track leads from first contact through to signing, and see exactly where there’s room to grow.
  • Case management: From calendaring and communications to document management and case reporting, keep track of every detail without falling behind.
  • Get paid faster with billing and payments: One platform for all your firm’s billing needs. Track time and simplify essential tasks from one convenient hub.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.8/5 stars, and its pros include being cloud-based, having strong task management, and a client portal; its cons include a lack of integrations, limited intake, and simple document management.

3. Zola Suite

Zola Suite is a cloud-based, mobile-friendly LPMS platform with exceptional design and user experience. It features mobile apps, fully-integrated billing and accounting, two-way synced email, and robust document management capabilities.

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $59 - $89 USD / user / month
  • From Prospect: Consolidate, organize and easily manage your pipeline from one central location, using Dynamic CRM for Prospect and Intake Management.
  • To Client: Manage and track matters from start to finish with the most robust suite of case-centric tools. This includes Best-In-Class Matter Management, Intelligent (Built-In) Email Management, Document Management & Automation, and Task Management.
  • To Profit: Maximize resource levelling and efficiency and revenue with built-in financial tools. Use Sophisticated Timekeeping and Billing, and Trust and Complete Business Accounting. 

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.6/5 stars, and its pros include being a true all-in-one software with strong task and document management; while its cons include having a lack of integration, being expensive and not for solos. 

4. Clio Manage

Clio Manage is a user-friendly LPMS. It is a cloud-based legal practice management software that makes running your firm, organizing cases, and collaborating with clients from one place possible. Clio boasts an extensive App Directory and an Open API. It works and plays well with an almost overwhelming amount of legal tech. They also offer an intake CRM, Clio Grow, at an additional price.

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $39 - $129 USD / user / month
  • More time to focus on billable work: Clio automates tasks, minimises paperwork, eliminates redundancies, and streamlines day-to-day tasks
  • Good compliance: straightforward financial tools to achieve regulatory compliance
  • Online processes: e.g. flexible e-signatures, online payments. Clio helps you with the moving parts of case management, so you can focus on your clients.
  • Easy client payment: Clio helps provide client-centred billing that gets you paid faster. Accept online payments in accordance with trust accounting rules, set flexible payment plans, and more.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.5/5 stars, and its pros include being cloud-based, having integrations and customisability; while its cons include having only basic task management and templates and needing add-ons for more features.

5. PracticePanther

With PracticePanther, one could easily move from potential client intake to closed and paid-in-full, without leaving the platform. It has select integrations with an emphasis on document storage (integrations dependent on pricing tier). It offers an open API, integrates with Zapier, and connects directly to MailChimp. 

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $39 - $79 USD / user / month.
  • Seamless Case Management: Organise case management details and never skip a beat; Run a tight ship by assigning and tracking internal to do’s; Automatically secure and backup data in real-time from anywhere.
  • Get paid faster: use PantherPayments, the best-in-class payment technology with industry-low pricing; Track billable time and expenses from any device; Avoid audits and accurately track trust account balances.
  • Client updates from anywhere: Generate and edit legal documents from A to Z in bulk; Use innovative tagging to uncover progressive data insights; Get invoices paid on time through automated client reminders.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.5/5 stars, and its pros include being cloud-based, having intake and customizability; its cons include a lack of a client portal, simple document management, and basic templates.

6. Rocket Matter

Rocket Matter offers built-in project management and is especially beneficial for those who use Microsoft 365. Additionally, Rocket Matter makes it easy to grow with their application. Firms who are just starting out can easily use their Essentials tier for simple matter management. Alternatively, their Pro tier offers automation, and robust integrations to satisfy larger, more seasoned firms.

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $39 - $89 USD / user / month.
  • Robust legal case management and reporting: Complete Access to Your Firm's Information, Kanban Boards, Advanced Reporting and Analytics.
  • Industry-leading time and billing functionality: Bill-As-You-Work™ Technology, Batch Billing and Bulk Editing, Trust Accounting Made Easy.
  • Tools for serious document professionals: Unlimited Email, PDF, and Word Document Storage; Document Assembly; Two-Way Document Sharing.
  • Powerful workflow and automation to simplify your life and boost revenue: Legal Project Management, Matter Templates, Automated Billing.
  • Online invoicing and lightning-fast payments: Streamlined Invoicing, Alternative Fee Arrangements, No Hassle Collections.
  • Access your firm's info and track time and expenses on the go with Rocket Matter’s mobile app, which runs natively on iPhone and Android devices.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.3/5 stars, and its pros include having integrations, a client portal, and project management; its cons include limited intake, simple document management, and basic templates.


LEAP legal software is a LPMS focused on small to medium-sized law firms across the globe. It has a hybrid installation with both on-premises and cloud components. This allows it to benefit from the mobility of the Cloud, while still having the stability of a desktop solution. 

From their website, some of their features include:

  • Instant Time Recording: Lawyers using LEAP bill up to 30% more using instant time recording on emails, phone calls, and letters. Take advantage of customizable billing codes and fixed-fee entries directly from the built-in LEAP timesheet.
  • State-specific Automated Court and Legal Forms: LEAP has a highly experienced team dedicated to the creation and maintenance of automated local, state, and federal legal forms for all common areas of law. Benefit from a team with nearly 30 years of expertise creating documents and forms for attorneys.
  • The LEAP Web Portal is a legal CRM built just for lawyers and is included at no additional cost. Manage incoming appointments from new clients and have them fill out intake forms, pay their bills online, schedule appointments, and share and collaborate on documents.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.3/5 stars, and its pros include having strong task management, document automation, and billing & timekeeping; its cons include being expensive, having no Google integration, and no OSX application.

8. CosmoLex

CosmoLex is a cloud-based LPMS with a robust feature set that includes a complete law-firm accounting package. Their accounting features help to avoid the need to migrate information to and from a general-purpose accounting software package like QuickBooks or Xero. 

From their website, some of their features & plans include:

  • Pricing: different plans ranging from $39 - $79 USD / user / month.
  • Legal Practice Management: A matter-centric approach connects every entry to the appropriate client matter, while optimised calendar, document, and email management keep everyone on the same page.
  • Legal Billing and Payments: Prevent leakage with on-the-go capture and Money Finder, while one-click billing and online payments make it easier than ever to get paid.
  • Law Office Accounting: Built-in legal-specific accounting automatically keeps your current and compliance worries at ease. Over 100 reporting options help you analyse your firm’s performance and boost your bottom line.

According to Lawyerist, it ranks 4.1/5 stars, and its pros include having advanced trust accounting, timekeeping & billing, and a true all-in-one system; its cons include a lack of integrations, limited intake, and a complex initial set-up.

Which LPMS is for you?

With the many software types available, it can be difficult to decide on the right LPMS for your firm. By matching your requirements to the different features of the 8 LPMS above, you can find the LPMS which best suits your needs to foster a high performance culture to meet your OKR and KPI goals from boutique law firms to larger legal practices.

Furthermore, check out our case study with That.Legal on how Tessaract has enabled them to streamline agile workflows and improve work performance on their digitalisation journey.

Petrissia Teo

Written by Petrissia Teo