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Businesses have a wide variety of management tools at their disposal in the market— such as analytics, document management, customer service, to name a few. Undoubtedly, it becomes a challenge to choose the right tool for the job at hand.

Taking a more streamlined approach to choosing the right corporate tools is key to powering your growth — use fewer but strategic tools that help you maximise operational efficiency. Too many complex corporate tools can have the opposite effect of raising costs and hindering growth for your organisation. 

Many businesses are starting to utilise all-in-one tools that save time and effort in switching between various devices and support seamless collaboration among teams to improve productivity. For this reason, integrated tools that unify different systems such as project management, accounting, analytics, document management, client engagement, and the like are becoming more relevant and popular. Here's the list of 4 essential corporate tools that every business needs:

Essential Business Management Tools

Project Management

What is project management software?

Project management software is generally defined by the following broad functions: project planning, scheduling, and task management. Collaboration and communication between project stakeholders are also critical aspects of project management. Learn more about managing your projects efficiently with tips like creating weekly workplan templates and utilising the pareto distribution to nurture a high performance culture with Tessaract. 


  • Task management: Allows for creating and scheduling tasks, deadlines, and status reports.
  • Document sharing and collaboration: Maximise productivity via a central document repository (which can be cloud-based or on-premise) with common or role-based access by project stakeholders.
  • Calendar and contact sharing: Project timelines include scheduled meetings and task dates that automatically update relevant stakeholder calendars.
  • Time tracking: Track time for tasks and maintain records.

The benefits of project management software

Improved collaboration and communication: Project management systems keep things simple by storing communication in a unified platform. Insights like project timelines and status updates can be accessed easily with a single click, and important alerts can be automatically sent to the relevant parties.

Easier file access and sharing: Keep your files and documents safe and secure within a single cloud. Project management solutions also allow users to make edits, leave feedback, and annotate, promoting project transparency within the team.

Tessaract: Multifaceted and powerful cloud-based project management software

With Tessaract, keep track of your various projects efficiently and generate checklists for each project at any point in the workflow. 

  • Automatically sync every email correspondence and sort them into a specific file so stakeholders can collaborate in real-time and share confidential information securely. 
  • Distribute the workload by assigning your team members various tasks and roles. 
  • Get notified via email instantly whenever a task has been assigned to you

Accounting Software

What is accounting management software?

Accounting software helps users record and automate an organisation's financial functions that include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, billing, and more. Some integrated accounting software allows for analysing an organisation's financial status, such as cash flow and expense management.


  • Automatic Invoicing and billing: Document and track your invoices and bills with automated statements and late payment reminders to customers
  • Reconcile bank statements: Connect your bank statements directly from your accounting software across multiple banks or currencies. 
  • Reporting: Generate automated reports that help provide a complete picture of your business’s financial performance. 

The benefits of accounting management software

Better manage financial transactions. Accounting tools help with this by digitising financial paperwork and automating the processing of financial transactions such as expense management and accounts receivable through EU-Standardised frameworks like Peppol

Reduce redundant and repetitive accounting tasks, which increases the accuracy of your data and enables you to bookkeep efficiently. 

Increase efficiency by managing your finances in a centralised location. Rather than transferring data across spreadsheets, access your transaction information from a single place. It becomes way easier to track and record transactions with accounting software solutions.

Tessaract: Secure and automated cloud accounting 

  • With the integration of automated payment reminders and bill adjustment features, you can now automate much more than just invoices. Tessaract's easy-to-use time tracking system for both employees and clients alike, you'll be able to merge or split bills with ease seamlessly.
  • A full-fledged accounting system at your fingertips powered by InvoiceNow.
  • Complete the accountant's monthly closing process on a single platform. Automatically reconcile your transactions, expenses, and payments against the bank's record by uploading the bank statement. Manage multiple bank accounts and multiple currencies with ease.

Document Management

What is document management software?

Document management software helps users create, save and share documents from standard forms and contracts. This includes features like OCR and document search, which allow users to navigate documents easily.


  • Document capture: Use an optical character reader (OCR) to search for keywords.
  • Document storage: Store, access, share, and edit documents in your cloud.
  • Full-text search: Search for relevant files and documents by typing keywords into a search box.
  • Control access/permissions: Manage the document access permissions for specific people or management who can view and edit documents.
  • Collaboration tools: Share documents with individuals or a group of people, and allow them to edit and add comments.
  • Document Archive: Create a centralised repository for storing confidential and archived data for future reference.

The benefits of document management software

Secure sensitive documents from unauthorised access using user/role-based login. Protect your confidential data from external data-security threats like hacking and data breaches.

Reduce costs through cloud-based processes instead of managing costs to store physical documents

Tessaract's document management features help you optimise your workflow with the following valuable features, all in a secure native cloud system: 

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  • Custom document builder
  • OCR
  • Control access/permissions
  • Auto-saved custom templates
  • Client Engagement/CRM
  • Auto-saved custom templates

Client Engagement

What is client engagement?


Customer Engagement software helps marketers and business managers create and track customer experiences with personalised, engaging content. Customer engagement software often includes digital and mobile engagement tools, live chat, gamification options, customised web content, and dynamic forms. 

The benefits of client engagement software 

Organise customer data: Some of these tools focus on specific communication channels like live chat and messaging, while others have particular use cases in sales or customer support:

Reduce customer support demands: Utilising time-based automation like sending reminders and confirmation emails is essential in meeting your customers' ever-changing and numerous requests. 

Tessaract: Client Engagement that goes the extra mile  

  • Fully automated project management system. Automatically reminds clients to send documents, informs you when new information is uploaded and allows the client to communicate with your staff securely on our platform instead of by email or phone call.
  • Scale your business without worrying about keeping up with easily-missing emails or unreturned voicemails that come into your business number.
  • Easy, fuss-free, and efficient client communication
  • Make high fidelity calls from your mobile phone to anywhere in the world at local rates. Record them with clients, revisit key points later, start a chat with clients, and get notified every time they respond. 

Integrating all these tools is the common denominator.

Many people would agree that businesses spend too much time managing, monitoring, and integrating tools for their jobs. Expanding a business is a team effort and requires close collaboration among all the different teams. That same harmony between groups is also necessary for your software tools. 

Additionally, the rise of remote working has led to an increase in the number of tools and technologies we use, which may cause app fatigue and lower productivity. This emphasises the importance of finding an all-in-one tool that serves as a comprehensive solution to your project management difficulties. Hence, your team will spend less time switching between devices and more time effectively collaborating.

Choose the right corporate tools for you.

A comprehensively integrated software solution like Tessaract helps streamline your entire work progress, so you can focus on your work rather than changing different tools for every task. Your confidential information is stored securely in one central place, enabling you to achieve optimal efficiency for your project. Tessaract's comprehensive corporate management software takes care of all your firm's essential needs and is also powerful enough to be customisable to your liking.

Tessaract gives you the experience, tools, and confidence to power your growth and vastly expand. Request a demo today to discover how Tessaract is the one-stop solution for your corporate tools needs.

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