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Customers and employees alike find themselves in a world with increasing technological demands. These demands require that they pick up new skills, often ones they are unfamiliar with and unprepared for.

As the world becomes more reliant on technology, tech skills, and the ability to adapt quickly, customers and workers must have access to the best software available to train them to acquire the skills they need to succeed in the world and work smarter.

That is where Tessaract comes in as the critical step in your digital transformation roadmap.

Tessaract is equipped to help you ensure that your business model can optimise workflows, train the people you need to prepare with the best skills and provide a more intelligent way for people to handle the tech.

What is a Digital Adoption Platform?

You might be asking, what is a digital adoption platform?

A digital adoption platform is an innovative tool that allows you to integrate your applications (integrated project management) with handy guides, tutorials, walkthroughs, tips, tricks, and more devices, so users can better learn how to use the tools available.

With a digital adoption platform, you make sure users learn and make sure what they understand sticks, so you know they have the skills to work effectively and at their best. Digital adoption platforms help you increase your time-to-value, which means you have delighted customers who can get what they want faster. Most of all, a digital adoption platform offers you a competitive advantage, ensuring you stay at the top of your game and that the competition cannot get ahead of you.

Did you know that unfamiliar use of applications is the number one reason for user error? With a digital adoption platform, you can minimise user error and increase productivity. You get fewer frustrating IT support requests with fewer errors, which lets you focus on the big problems. This tool ensures that you dramatically improve the realisation of project objectives for project collaboration in your project pipeline; be proud of your workers, and they can be proud of their work. Because of digital adoption platforms, there is an increased chance for user adoption and efficiency when using applications.

What can a Digital Adoption Platform do for your business?

A digital adoption platform is a must-have for any business now. The technology we use in the world is constantly evolving, so it is important to have users pick up the tools and develop the methods necessary to use the applications efficiently and effectively. So much excess work is done that can be eliminated with a digital adoption platform.

Think about all those files employees have to filter through, the unnecessary emails, and the extra work that hampers user productivity and results in an inefficient workflow. For users, the errors they make can be frustrating and hurt their confidence when working.

A digital adoption platform has them build the skills they need to use their tools better and improves their morale at work, as they know they can get the job done and have something at their disposal that lets them learn quickly and efficiently.

Most of all, it gets workers ready faster than anything else. It can take up to a full year before employees can settle into their jobs. A digital adoption platform like Tessaract allows for faster integration and better confidence in the workplace, so the user can master what they need to before they can even believe it. Digital adoption platforms allow for previously unseen growth and skill development to nurture a high-performance culture and optimal work performance to achieve your OKR and KPI goals. Other tips to increase productivity include utilising the pareto distribution, having a project kick-off meeting, or a weekly workplan template to keep up with your latest tasks. With strategies like resource levelling, resource capacity planning and resource utilisation, you can achieve increased productivity for your organisation with greater oversight.

How to implement a digital adoption platform?

There are many ways to go about implementing your new digital adoption platform.

First, identify what areas need to be worked on. This lets you tailor the solution to the problem. You want to make sure you communicate with the people using the digital adoption platform: their feedback will let you understand how the tool can be used and how it can help them. Of course, you can also use your backlog to help inform the digital adoption platform. This gives the tool something existing to work with and lets it figure out the system it will be integrated with.

You want to ensure the digital adoption platform is right for you. Always pay attention to the user analytics to better understand how the platform is working and how your users are working with it. Their output can help you understand the platform's function and what things can be worked on to optimise workflow and productivity further to ensure you maintain the best working environment possible.

What makes Tessaract the best digital adoption platform

Tessaract is a digital adoption platform that improves workflow from beginning to end and can ensure that you improve your business.

  • When choosing a digital adoption platform, you want something that offers flexibility, intuitive learning systems, options, and easy-to-pick-up guides.
  • You want something easy to use and something easy to manage.
  • You also want something that lets you use the data you have to learn from and keeps you informed about what is going on.
  • Digital adoption platforms reduce inefficiency and allow you to run a smooth operation without hassle.

Tessaract can do all this and more for you to overcome digital disruption through digital acceleration. Tessaract reduces redundancies in repetitive tasks and simplifies the whole workflow process through agile workflows and digital workflows. Tessaract gives you access to easy-to-read single sources of proof with our unified document management workflows, so you do not have to search through documents and files endlessly. Tessaract offers digitalisation flexibility, allowing you to take control of your workflow process and business needs by maintaining what makes you unique.

As the demands of the workplace increase and evolve with the developments in technology, it is essential to put the power back in your hands with a versatile workflow automation platform like Tessaract that is scalable to businesses of all sizes.

Tessaract gives you the operating system and corporate tools such as digital signing, client onboarding, and time tracking that finally organises your business just the way you want it while maintaining its unique identity. A digital adoption platform gives you the strategies and tools to reduce user error, allows for that competitive edge you need for your business, and helps organise the workflow like never before.

Power your business and stay ahead with the cloud with Tessaract's optimal cloud-native solution, with low code and accessibility to ensure your business is operating at its full potential. Request a demo today to find out more.

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