Posted by Rachel Ho Sep 5, 2022 10:00:00 AM

Tessaract is thrilled to confirm our global partnership with Lupl - a next-generation matter management platform. Lupl provides the easiest way to organise, collaborate and move legal work forwards – in a single secure workspace.

With the support of our other partners, such as the Ministry of Law, Singapore and The Law Society of Singapore, the Tessaract team is confident that this will be a game changer for the legal industry and law practices.

This is Tessaract's first partnership with a matter management system solution and boosts the scope of integrations available to Tessaract's users. Both Tessaract and Lupl share a common vision of seamlessly integrating with lawyers’ and in-house counsels’ digital life, adding value over time through regular over-the-air (OTA) software updates. 

Cherilyn Tan, CEO, Tessaract: 

“This partnership is borne partly from our mission to help firms be more agile and effective. We are delighted to continue playing a role in meeting the evolving needs of varied industries, particularly the legal scene in this regard.”  

Jeff Green, CEO, Lupl:

“Lupl is working to make the legal world more open and connected, and we are excited to take another step forward with a Singapore home-grown platform such as Tessaract. Working in tandem, we hope to continue enhancing the way legal works and improving the technology adoption experience for users in Singapore and worldwide, including the UK and the US.” 

This global partnership was kick-started alongside Lupl and Tessaract’s collaboration with the Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw) on the Legal Technology Platform Initiative (LTPI).

Under the LTPI, Lupl is MinLaw’s technology partner to power the Legal Technology Platform (LTP). The initiative aims to support small and mid-sized Singapore law practices in their digitalisation transformation efforts by providing them with access to the LTP and its associated integrations.

By surfacing information from Tessaract on the LTP, lawyers will have visibility into billing and budget information alongside their workflow on the LTP, paving the way to more efficient processes and informed decision-making.  

As part of the LTPI, MinLaw has also taken steps to arrange for funding support for subscribing to the LTP, as well as practice management solutions that integrate with the LTP, such as Tessaract. The support will help firms overcome initial capital outlays in their digital transformation efforts. 

About Tessaract 

Tessaract is a B2B SaaS technology provider offering a unique cloud-native, no-code workflow automation solution that helps B2B professional services companies grow their business through greater productivity and resource efficiency. Tessaract is a passionate team driven with a common mission to help companies become more agile and increase productivity.   

About Lupl 

Lupl is a next-generation matter management platform. Co-developed with the support of a global community of law firms and legal departments, Lupl is the easiest way to organise, collaborate and move legal work forwards – in a single secure workspace.  

Rachel Ho

Written by Rachel Ho