Posted by Andrew Clarke Sep 26, 2023 4:15:50 AM

London, 25 September 2023 – Conexus Law, a rapidly growing boutique law firm working exclusively with clients operating at the intersection of the built environment, technology and people, has reinforced its reputation for innovation by becoming the second publicly announced UK law firm to select the Tessaract Practice Management System (PMS). This strategic collaboration highlights the forward-thinking nature of both organisations and emphasises the significant role of cloud computing in revolutionising legal operations by allowing law firms to extensively configure their operating platforms, while at the same time securely future-proofing their systems. 

Conexus Law is committed to providing outstanding legal advice to clients. As part of its commitment to continuous improvement, the firm's management team sought a new full-service PMS technology platform to support its growth.

Having extensively reviewed the market, Conexus Law selected the Tessaract PMS platform as the best fit to meet the demands of its future growth objectives. “We were impressed with Tessaract’s all-in-one solution and the flexibility of their approach. Their ability to integrate with our existing and future systems with their open API platform was also a key consideration. The team at Tessaract impressed us with their professionalism and consultative approach during the process, and we look forward to seeing how the platform continues to develop over the near and longer term” commented Victoria Skidmore, Finance and Operations Director at Conexus Law.

“At Conexus Law our focus is on delivering quality advice to our clients, and we are confident that the Tessaract platform will reinforce our ability to do this as well as help us scale the business over the coming years. We were looking for a cutting-edge and cloud-native solution, and in Tessaract we believe we have found that. There is much synergy between Conexus Law and Tessaract as we are both challenger brands in markets dominated by larger players.”

Tessaract's cloud-based infrastructure provides Conexus Law with a highly secure and scalable platform to achieve operational excellence. The firm gains access to a range of features and functionalities that streamline their workflows, enhance collaboration, and ensure billing and financial integrity. Onboarding of a client, including doing the necessary KYC steps can now be done in a matter of minutes, followed by conflict checking, case opening, automated task allocation and document generation.

"We are thrilled to welcome Conexus Law to our growing UK customer base," said Mike Hinchliffe, EMEA General Manager of Tessaract. "We are looking forward to helping Conexus Law to grow and deliver outstanding service to their clients. We are increasingly convinced of the opportunity in the UK for a disruptor like Tessaract in the PMS space. As legacy systems reach end-of-life and law firms actively explore replacement technologies, more and more firms are telling us that our fresh approach is both necessary and much appreciated. Every month we are adding functionality to help our UK clients become more effective in their work”.

About Conexus Law:

Conexus Law is a rapidly growing boutique law firm working exclusively with clients operating at the intersection of the built environment, technology and people.

About Tessaract:

Tessaract is a Singapore-based practice management platform specifically designed for growing SME firms. With its cloud-native solution, Tessaract empowers law firms to achieve peak operational efficiency, build internal capacity, and focus on delivering quality advice to their customers. Its technology revolutionises legal practice management, and prepares firms for AI adoption.

Andrew Clarke

Written by Andrew Clarke

Andrew has been building businesses from scratch for over a decade and his area of expertise is developing and executing measurable, data-driven go-to-market strategies. Before Tessaract, his experience building an advertising technology company took him from London to Switzerland and all the way to Singapore. Andrew is passionate about bringing products and services to market in search of scrutiny from real potential customers. He believes market feedback is essential for the positive evolution of a business and its offering on the road to achieving its full potential.